Far From Over

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Far From Over

Sometimes when you think its over, it's only just begun... Gemma Garvey's marriage has been over for ages. It was Gemma's choice to go it alone with two kids, rather than pretend the marriage to career-obsessed David was working. So why is she so upset when he marries that bimbo bitch Orla O'Neill ? Is it that Orla's nearer in age to Gemma's teenage daughter than to herself? That she's tail, thin and gorgeous whilst Gemma, at 35, sometimes feels more like 55 ? And that David's starting a new life with someone else whilst she's trundling towards middle age alone ? But for Orla being wife number two isn't all she'd imagined, always aware of how Gemma runs a house, looks after her kids and goes out to work whilst she can't even cook dinner without setting the kitchen on fire. To David, both have been wives and he's loved them both. And when he married Orla he didn't envisage any problems. But the trouble has scarcely started...
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